day fiftyfive

08/01/2009 at 1:59 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

i was calculating the days, and if i keep going without missing any more days, i should be done by the first week of september!  i’m letting those days i missed in july be injury days and moving on.  i’m proud of myself for not giving up.  i could have thrown in the towel and said forget this, its too hard.  but i didn’t.  i got side-tracked for a bit, but kept on going.  i’m thinking of looking into turbo jam to keep going.  i like tony, but i need something different after power90.  i’m thinking the change might boost my progress.  dress fittings are supposedly in late october early november.  so, that’s my goal.

8/1/09 – 1:00pm

sweat 3/4 – 42 minutes

abs 200 – 6 minutes

493 calories burned; 40% fat


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day fiftyfour

07/31/2009 at 5:08 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

well, it seems i’m back on track.  i’m making workouts a priority.  i trying really hard to ignore the voice in my head telling me to stay on the couch and relax.  and most importantly, i’m actually completing the workouts.  i have had to edit what i do because i’m worried about hurting myself, so no lunges, squats, or calf raises.  but, everything else is in.  i’m thinking of adding some pilates instead to help sculpt the legs.  i’m not sure.  i guess i just think i should be burning more calories.  in reality i know i should try to continue my treadmill usage and just skip the running.  but, i cant seem to force myself to do that.  we’ll see.  its still early, and i have energy.

7/31/09 – 3:30pm

sculpt 3/4 – 38 minutes

191 calories burned; 50% fat

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day fiftythree

07/30/2009 at 3:00 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

the good news: i did the workout;  i wore my HRM to track progress; i’m posting on the site again; i’m tracking my food again; i’m almost halfway through power90.

the bad news: i have no energy; i’m no where near the results i wanted to have by this point

this website should be renamed the quest to fit into a bridesmaid dress.  originally, it was one of my goals, but really i just wanted to lose weight, get healthier, look better, and feel better.  but, as the time comes closer and closer to the dress fitting, it’s become more about getting into the dress than anything else.  and really, its about looking semi-good in the dress.  when we went to try them on to pick one out, i swear i couldn’t even look in the mirror because i looked like such a whale!  it was so embarrassing.  i seriously wanted to cry.  i mean, i put on a good front for my future-sister-in-law, but i was miserable.  she picked out a nice enough dress, but its sleeveless and has a v-neck and shows everything!  everyone was telling my i should just wear spanx or tights or something to suck in all the fat.  i think that was the worse part.  i didn’t want people talking about my fat!  i didn’t want people looking at me!  i dont want to hurt my brothers feelings since he asked me to be in the wedding and i know its special to him.  but, i’m not sure how i’m going to such up my fear and anxiety and walk down the aisle.  that’s the real motivation behind doing this program.  to look good in a dress.  its shallow, but there it is.

7/30/09 – 1:30pm

sweat 3/4 – 42 minutes

abs 200 – 6 minutes

515 calories burned; 40% fat

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here’s the deal…

07/29/2009 at 10:24 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

so, here’s the deal.  i’m sure it looks like i’d given up on my power 90 quest, but in reality i think it got the better of me.  i truly hurt my knee and ankle and simply couldn’t do much of anything.  this is an existing injury, but i sure did a number to make it ache more than ever.  this program is great for a lot of things, but it’s really not good for bad knees.  i mean, the cardio portion has a third of it doing knee-ups.  and squats are a major portion of the sculpt section.  so, i guess i was a little overzealous with what i could do.

basically, i took a break.  and well, the break lasted probably a week more than it needed to.  it’s so easy to slide back into doing nothing.  and, its sooo hard to get back up to doing something.  i did the sculpt on monday (day 50) and i did it again today (day 52).  i basically skipped all the lunges and squats during both days.  i also didn’t wear the HRM, but i think i’ll start keeping track of that tomorrow.  i tried on monday, but heard a weird sound coming from the knee, so that’s the end of squats.  i’ll just have to find another way to work the buns and legs.  i didn’t do the sweat yesterday, but i’m think i’m going to try it tomorrow and see how it goes.
so, that’s the scoop.  i had a major deviation in my plan.  and maybe a couple of weeks ago i would have been really upset and mad at myself.  but, that’s life…

7/29/09 – 9:30pm

sculpt 3/4 – 38 minutes

? calories burned; ?% fat

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day fourtyfive

07/08/2009 at 10:44 pm (Uncategorized)

it’s day 45!  that means that i’m at the official half-way point of this program!  wow.  the first thirty days seemed to go by quickly, but the last 15 seem to have taken forever to get here.  so, here’s hoping the next 45 are great!  i think my body is starting to react to the workouts…and not in a good way.  my left knee is killing me.  my left ankle is also really tight and bothering me.  all of my joints are popping (cracking)…unintentionally.  it was like a symphany during the stretch portion.  my neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, knees and ankles were all cracking.  i’m pretty sure that’s all fine, but its the knee pain that has me worried.  so, i decided to take it easy today.  i skipped the walk/run i had planned and went easy on the lunges and squats.  anything that felt funny, i stopped doing.  i think maybe i’m doing too much too soon.  i dont want to seriously hurt myself (even though, i’m pretty sure my knee is shot from a previous injury) so i’m tweaking my workout schedule a bit.  i’m taking out the wednesday cardio and altering some of the run/walk minutes.

it’s weird to think about how much extra work my body does when i do lunges and squats.  after today’s workout, i wasn’t even breaking a sweat.  and, my fat % was 55.  it’s never been that high.  i also burned about 150 less calories.  i guess i’m doing a lot more work than i think just getting my body to go up and down a bit.

7/8/09 – 9:30pm

sculpt 3/4 – 38 minutes

216 calories burned; 55% fat

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day fourtyfour

07/07/2009 at 11:12 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

i thought exercise was supposed to give you more energy.  well, i dont know what’s wrong with my body, but if anything i’m more tired than ever this week.  i’m dragging my feet for everything, have no motivation, and just want to sleep in everyday.  that’s not good.  i’ve got stuff i need to do!  i’m a grad student, there’s always something to do.  not to mention that pesky dissertation floating overhead.  hopefully, this will pass, and i’ll wake up one day with lots and lots of energy.  like those people that jog up stairs for no apparent reason.  i wasn’t going to get a workout in today.  it was getting late, i was tired, and i still had a ton of paperwork to do.  but, i decided to put myself ahead and workout.  i guess i’ll worry about the paperwork tomorrow morning.

7/7/09 – 10:0pm

sweat 3/4 – 42 minutes

abs 200 – 6 minutes

438 calories burned; 45% fat

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day fourtythree

07/06/2009 at 7:17 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

i had a choice today. i could give up and go on being as unhappy with my body and myself as i have been. or i could stop feeling sorry for myself, stop being an idiot, and just start moving. i picked the latter.

as the song says:
“Nothing’s impossible I have found,
For when my chin is on the ground,
I pick myself up,
Dust myself off,
Start All over again.

Don’t lose your confidence if you slip,
Be grateful for a pleasant trip,
And pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.

Will you remember the famous men,
Who had to fall to rise again?
So take a deep breath,
Pick yourself up,
Dust yourself off,
Start all over again.”

so, that’s why i did. i picked myself up (off my couch), dusted myself off (or at least my sneakers), and started again (or at least kept going).  and, i did four whole minutes of jogging.  really really slow jogging, and broken up into one minute intervals, but i did it!

7/6/09 – 4:00pm

sculpt 3/4 – 38 minutes

348 calories burned; 45% fat

7/5/09 – 5:00pm

walk/run – 26/4 minutes (30 minutes total)

257 calories burned; 50% fat

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day fourtytwo

07/05/2009 at 3:15 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

rest day.  just rest.

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day fourtyone

07/04/2009 at 11:54 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

i’ve been dreading this post.  i haven’t written it because, i’m ashamed.  i made a promise to myself.  i made a commitment.  and, i couldn’t even keep that.  i’m so disappointed in me.  in case you hadn’t guessed it, i didn’t workout today.  i really dont have an excuse.  it was a holiday, i was relaxing and having fun.  i went to a barbeque, baseball game, and saw fireworks.  it was a fun day.  but, in all honesty, i could have worked out.  i had the whole morning to do it.  it was an hour out of my day, but i didn’t do it.  i feel horrible about that.  all i can do is jump back on the horse and keep going.  beating myself up is not going to make it better.  and, if the past is any indication, it’s just going to make me quit all together.

so, enough, monday is the start of a new week and the continuation of my workouts.  here we go…

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day fourty

07/03/2009 at 5:34 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

it’s raining, thundering, and lightning…so, i’m going to have to make this quick.  i’m such a scardy-cat when it comes to storms and electrical equipment.  i love the storms, but fear my computer will not survive if used.  anyway, did the scultp dvd and started walking, but had to cut it short due to the storm.  can’t believe it’s already day 40!  wow!  almost to the half-way mark!

7/3/09 – 3:00pm

sculpt 3/4 – 38 minutes

312 calories burned; 45% fat

7/3/09 – 5:00pm

walk/run – 23/2 minutes (25 minutes total)

205 calories burned; 50% fat

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