day seven

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and on the seventh day she rested.  and boy did she need it.  today, i slept in until 10:30.  waking up early is a big change for me.  so, one could only imagine how waking up early and working out is a huge change.  but, for an entire week i commited myself and did it.  and, today i rested.  i feel really stiff though.  especially my thigh muscles, they seem to be freaking out by all the exercise.  i think i’m going to do one of my beginner yoga tapes to stretch them out.  i’ve also been thinking that maybe i’ll do my beginner’s yoga instead of the incredibly difficult routine that’s on the tape.  i’m debating it though.  i dont want this to become a slippery slope to doing my own thing and not really committing to the program.  but, yesterday i didn’t even try the yoga.  and that’s not good either.  i’ll have to consider it a bit more carefully.  if the point is to get some flexibility exercises and warm up for the cardio, then i dont see the difference.  maybe i’ll log onto the beachbody message boards and see if someone has some suggestions.


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day six

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well, i did it.  i finished week one of this program.  man, this is going to be harder than i thought.  getting up to workout on saturday morning is not my idea of fun.  but, i did it.  got up, laced up my sneakers, strapped on my HRM, and pushed play.  i totally half-assed the workout.  doing the moves, but not really really putting in 100% effort.  but, i kept moving, and that counts.  i still burned calories.  i still got my heart rate up.  i still did the workout.  i did it.  yes!

tomorrow is a rest day.  i definitely need a rest day.  and then, i start back up again.  week one – check!  week two, here i come!

5/30/09 – 8:30am

sweat 1/2 – 36 minutes

abs 100 – 4 minutes

354 calories burned; 40% fat

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day five

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dont have much time to post today.  but, wanted to keep my commitment to myself and post my workout.  push-ups are a killer and i cant even try to do chair dips.  but, i’ll get there.  switched to 5lb weights for a lot of the moves, definitely feeling the difference.  overall, feeling good!

5/27/09 – 8:00am

sculpt 1/2 – 28 minutes

227 calories burned; 45% fat

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day four

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trainer tony’s motto is “just push play”…even if you dont feel like it, even if you dont want to workout, even if you would rather eat a can of worms instead of getting your heart rate up – you just push play.  and, that’s what i did this morning.  it was an hour later than i had planned, it was with no motivation and being sore and tired.  but, i did it.  and for that i’m proud.

the cardio workout is kinda weird.  it starts out with some yoga moves, not of which i can do.  i cant do it.  i feel like a beached whale just trying to get back to the sea.  i’ve attempted other yoga tapes before and this is definitely one of the harder routines that i’ve seen.  i’m guessing losing weight and increasing flexibility will help with this, but for now, its like i dont even want to try.  i’ve heard this is a difficult portion for a lot of people, but i’d still like to be able to do at least some of it.  the part i like best is the arm portion, which is essentially some boxing moves.  i really enjoy that part and can actually do all of the reps.  maybe boxing is in my future.

5/28/09 – 9:00am

sweat 1/2 – 36 minutes

abs 100 – 4 minutes

396 calories burned; 35% fat

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note to self

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i’m hungry!! but, i know i cant eat anything. not supposed to eat anything 3 hours before bed. and i’m definitely going to be in about an hour. not good. going to have to rethink my meals for tomorrow to make sure i’m not going hungry.

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day three

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today, i am sore.  and it took a lot of motivation to get me going this morning.  but, i did it.  i did the strength training workout and felt good afterward.  i definitely like the weights better than the cardio.  i dont burn as many calories, but i can actually do almost all the moves, and that’s a whole lot better than the cardio workout.  i can feel myself getting more and more tired as the week progresses, and i wonder if i’ll be one of those people who eventually gets a wave of energy from exercising.  i hope so.  i hope i become one of those people that learns to love working out.

in other news, there was pizza ordered at work and it smelled so good (!), but i didn’t have any.  i was offered some, twice, but i said no and came home for a somewhat healthier meal.  go me!

5/27/09 – 7:00am

sculpt 1/2 – 28 minutes

219 calories burned; 45% fat

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day two

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man…i am drenched in sweat!  that cardio workout is a killer.  and i couldn’t even do all of the ab part.  this is a good sign right?  not the part about me being so out of shape that i cant complete a 40 minute workout.  but, the part about feeling like the program is working something.  my heart, my abs, my butt…something.  plus, this morning i woke up a little sore from the weight training yesterday.  its that good feeling that makes me want to keep working so that i can see some results.  day two – check.  only 88 more days to go.  and i’m thinking i can do it.

5/26/09 – 8:00am

sweat 1/2 – 36 minutes

abs 100 – 4 minutes

414 calories burned; 30% fat

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note to self…

05/25/2009 at 9:34 pm (Uncategorized) ()

listen to your body. when you’re full, you stop. it’s not going to work unless you allow it to. just relax and let it happen.

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day one – stats

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here are my measurements and stats from day one.  i plan to update these every 15 days or so.  i also have pictures, but i dont think i’ll post those until i have something to compare them to.  they’re really terrifying though.  nothing like a picture of you in your underwear to really bring your self-esteem down.  but, my motication is up, so that’s a positive.

chest (across bust): 45″

chest (under bust): 41″

upper arm (L and R): 15″

waist: 43″

hips: 55″

thigh (L and R) – 30″

weight: 239.4

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day one

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hello world.  today is day one.  now, i, like a lot of people, have had numerous amounts of ‘day ones’ in the past.  and, it’s never really gone past that first day.  but, i feel like i have to keep trying.  and, i feel determined this time.  i have a goal, i have a deadline, i have an event, i have a plan, and i have a program.  that’s all the components i think.  so, here goes.

i’m using the power 90 program.  90 days alternating cardio/abs and weight training.  it looks intense, but doable – even for someone with my nonexistant athletic ability.  tony horton is the trainer and he seems really good – motivating, but not annoying.  there isn’t insane choreography and it’s supposed to be like a gateway to fitness.  the “finish this and you can do anything!” sort of thing.

today, i completed day one (sculpt 1/2).  tomorrow it’ll be cardio (1/2), abs (100) and so on.  i’m going to try to keep track of my progress and keep myself accountable by posting my stats here daily.

5/25/09 – 7:00am

sculpt 1/2 – 28 minutes

245 calories burned; 40% fat

here goes…i can do this!

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