day thirtyseven

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i feel yucky today.  it’s that certain time of the month for me, and that sucks all the energy out of me and really affects any desire i have to do any sort of ab work.  but, i did the workout.  i half-assed it.  but, i did it.  i only managed 15 reps of each ab move, so really it was the ab ripper 150 for me, but whatever.  it’s better than nothing.  i realized that my spectacular display of ass-kicking energy on saturday was a fluke, and there’s just no way i can do that kind of workout every time.  i can aspire to it, but those 577 calories are probably not going to repeat themselves any time soon.  but, i did burn calories.  and i did push harder than i had on the 1/2 series.  and i did complete the entire workout (with some minor modifications when needed).  and, i’m also not so out of breath that i feel like i’ve collapsed a lung.  so, i’ll take it.

6/30/09 – 8:30pm

sweat 3/4 – 42 minutes

abs 200 – 6 minutes

481 calories burned; 40% fat


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day thirtysix

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starting the next series was the best thing i could have done.  they are both serious ass-kickers (at least for someone as out of shape as i am), but i would have continued to workout without really challenging myself.  and that’s really the whole point of the program.  once you get used to something, you have to change it up to see results.  so, that’s where i am.  i started the sculpt 3/4 today.  that extra circuit at the end really changed the game.  i was already sweating and feeling it, and then BAM here’s some more for you.  immediately afterward, i felt like i was going to die.  but, now several hours later, i feel great!  these little accomplishments are well-worth it.

i also started working my way to running today.  its a big day for me.  i almost didn’t do it since i was wiped from the sculpt video, but i got my booty up (after gathering my breath) and did it.  it was a slow walk, but i managed to do the full two minute jog in one section.  i was considering earlier changing the schedule, but after doing the sculpt i’m confident slow is better.  i was completely drenched in sweat and ready for a rest after, but again, felt energized and amazing.

did i mention that i love stats and charts and geeky stuff?  well, i’m going to be using the daily mile to track my running progress.  it gives me all sorts of weekly/monthly charts and stuff that i’ll post, but for the everyday i’m going to sync it with twitter and it’ll post directly to the blog (over on the right  –>).  just another way to keep myself accountable.  it has the link after each post, if anyone wants to see my progress during the week.

is it weird that i’m already thinking of what program to use after i’m done with power 90?  i have eight weeks to go.  and while that might seem like a lot, its really not.  especially, when you factor in shipping time.  i think its a good sign; that i’m committing to working out and reaching my goals even after this program is finished.  i’m debating whether to get the turbo jam or the next step-up in the power90 series (both by beach body), but i’m not sure.  right now i’m leaning more towards trying turbo jam simply because of the variety, giving tony a breather and doing chalene for 90 days then maybe switching back with him.  i’ve done some reading and am thinking of doing (power90, turbo jam, p90 master, chalene extreme, p90x) each for 90 days.  does that sound insane?  i guess i’ll have to keep reading and figuring out which will help me reach my goals.   any advice or personal perspectives are welcome!

6/29/09 – 2:00pm

sculpt 3/4 – 38 minutes

432 calories burned; 35% fat

6/29/09 – 3:00pm

walk/run – 28/2 minutes (30 minutes total)

317 calories burned; 40% fat

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I’m so excited…and I just can’t hide it….

At my weigh-in this morning I was at 233.8.  That’s 2.6lbs lost this week, and a total of 5.6lbs lost total.  Wow!  I know exactly what I did this week.  I ate protein with every meal, I tried to cut most of the junk out, limiting it in a way that was not depriving myself but wasn’t gorging on it either, and I replaced most of the white bread products with wheat (which are much more filling, by the way).  I took small steps, and got a huge return.  I’m sure working out helped, too.

Today, I’m starting the next series of the sculpt (3/4) and I’m starting the very conservative couch to 5K program.  I’m posted what I think my walk/run times will be for this week and subsequent weeks in the schedule, but i’m going to see what i’m comfortable with during today’s workout and maybe that will be adjusted.  Right, now it calls for 2 minutes running and 28 minutes walking, but i might be able to feel comfortable doing a bit more than that.  We’ll see.  I’ll definitely post after my workout.

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Weekly Stats

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according to the trusty HRM, in the last week i have:

  • burned 2008 calories
  • exercised for a total of 3:49:43
  • and logged six workouts this week.

wow!  go me!

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day thirtyfive

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it’s a rest day. i’ve been updating the blog a bit today. i added an about me page, and updated the workout schedule (i’m adding running to my weight-training days). i have to admit, i’m feeling good. tomorrow is the start of a new week. everything is going to be a bit more intense, as i’ve added some extra cardio to my week and am moving over to the 3/4 series in the workout. but, i really think i can do it. this positive thinking stuff is great!

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day thirtyfour

06/27/2009 at 9:25 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

i am completely out of breath, drenched in sweat, and even after the cool down my heart is still pounding.  wow…

i took the plunge and tried the next series (3/4) of the cardio/abs.  and wow, it was a killer.  i thought i’d give it a shot today since tomorrow is my rest day and i would have to time recover in the event it was as hard as i imagined.  well, its definitely as hard as i imagined.  the moves are exactly the same, but its at a much faster pace overall and there is another set of repetitions to almost all the sets.  but, surprisingly, i kept up pretty good.  i had to take a breather a couple of times, and the last set of side kicks was intense…but, i did it.  i even, keept pretty good pace with tony and the gang.  that’s probably why i’m so out of breath, and why my HRM was yelling at me to slow down.  but, i wanted to prove to myself that i could do it.  i also did all 200 (!) of the ab moves.  granted it took me a whole four minutes longer than it should have because i kept hitting the pause button, but i did it!  at the beginning of the video, tony tells everyone to pick up the pace because the lungs and heart are stronger, and he was right.  yes, i’m out of breath, but as i type this, if there was more of the video, i could probably keep going.  and that’s an amazing feeling.

6/27/09 – 8:00pm

sweat 3/4 – 42 minutes

abs 200 – 6 minutes

577 calories burned; 35% fat

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day thirtythree

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the days keep ticking by.  and each day i’m feeling better about the workouts.  there are still sections of each routine that i cant do, but in general, i have to admit that i’m donig much better at the overall exercise.  i’m debating if i should switch over to the next series and suffer through the first few weeks of that.  or if maybe i should stick to this one until i can complete all the moves.  i dont know.  the areas i’m struggling most with are: pushups, chair dips, jumping jacks, and running lunges (i’m not coordinated to do this, so i’m been just running instead).  i dont know.  maybe at the start of the next week i’ll give it a shot.

bridesmaid dresses are scheduled to be tried on in 30 days.  i was hoping my future sister-in-law would hold off until the fall before having the bridesmaids try on dresses, especially since the wedding isn’t until next march, but no such luck.  maybe i’ll go and try them on, and have her make sure she likes it, but hold off on ordering it until closer to the day to see if i can manage getting a smaller size.  sigh…i wish this process would work faster.  but, i know that i’m making slow and steady improvements.

i experimented some more with the fat % versus calories stats on my HRM today.  i went slower on the moves during the sculpt and tried to even out my pace.  i have to admit this was much better.  it felt smoother and like i wasn’t having to stop to breathe as much.  i definitely liked it better.

6/26/09 – 5:00pm

sculpt 1/2 – 28 minutes

225 calories burned; 50% fat

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day thirtytwo

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i’ve been experimenting with different times of the day i try to workout to see which i like best.  i’ve found the later at night, the more tired i am and the more i slack off in the intensity department.  i also found that i definitely need at least 3 hours after eating to exercise to avoid nausea (i tried 2 hours the other day, and that was not fun..).  it seems the best time for me is in the morning right after i wake up.  now, given that useful piece of information, i now have to figure out how to actually get me up at a reasonable hour.  i was doing it for the first twenty days or so, but then something happened and my sleeping habits overruled my newfound commitment to exercise.  i guess the important thing is that i’m getting the workout in; but, i’d also like to be able to bring a certain amount of intensity to every workout.  my thinking is that that’s the only way to really affect weight loss.  i might be totally wrong though.

tonight’s workout was less than stellar.  i really slowed down the pace; and while i was doing all the moves, i wasn’t really giving it my all.  i didn’t even sweat all that much.  normally, i’m drenched, but tonight it was a light mist.  but, according to my HRM (which has been acting a bit off lately), i burned 50% fat.  huh?  how’s that happen?  i work my booty off other days and get may 35-40% fat.  but, on the day, i half-ass the routine my fat percentage skyrockets.  go figure.  i didn’t however, burn nearly as many calories as i typically do.  i’m going to have to learn more about this whole fat percentage versus calories burned situation.

6/25/09 – 10:00pm

sweat 1/2 – 36 minutes

abs 100 – 4 minutes

310 calories burned; 50% fat

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day thirtyone

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i need to find a way to prevent my bra from messing with my heart rate monitor.  i know the obvious solution is to buy a sports bra, but you’d be surprised that they dont fit.  so, i’m stuck with having my HRM short circuit ever few minutes and not accurately count my workout.  so, i’m going to have to go shopping and see what i can find.  that being said, i’m guessing the calories i’m going to post below are a little off.  but, whatever, i did the workout and that’s what counts.  i also ate within my points (despite the vending machine fiasco this afternoon), so that’s good too.

6/24/09 – 9:30pm

sculpt 1/2 – 28 minutes

231 calories burned; 45% fat

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note to self..

06/24/2009 at 9:22 pm (Uncategorized) ()

get up, and make lunch for yourself.  eating out of the vending machine is not going to help.  it’s going to leave you feeling empty and hungry and going over your point limit for the day.  plan and make better choices.  it’s not that hard.  oh, and staying up late to watch extra innings of the marlins game is only going to make you tired and prevent you from planning food.  go to bed!

ok…i’m going to go workout now.

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