day twenty

06/13/2009 at 11:19 am (Uncategorized) (, )

i’m approaching the end of my third week in the power90 program, and i cannot believe i’ve made it this far.  i haven’t missed one workout!  i’ve wanted to, i’ve put it off…but, at the end of every day i have come on here and say that i’ve complete whatever was on the calendar for today.  i truly hope to see results come next week’s measurement and photo comparison time.  i really really really hope there’s a difference.  the scale is tricky…so, i’d rather rely on multiple ways to measure any success i may have.  and i hope that i have at least some!

i skipped the yoga today.  my hip has been bugging me, and i noticed that it tightens up whenever i try to do the runner’s pose.  i’m thinking instead i’ll do some true yoga tomorrow as a way to stretch out.  i think i could use some good peaceful, relaxing stretching.  not the power yoga that comes with the program.  hopefully, i can work up to that.  but, i added arms to the other cardio moves that i hadn’t been doing.  i also, tried to move a bit faster than i had been going.  i figured its the last day, i can try to push it.  i also did all 100 of the ab moves.  and, that hurt!  somewhere beneath the layer of fat, i’m thinking i’m going have have six pack abs!

6/13/09 – 10:30am

sweat 1/2 – 36 minutes

abs 100 – 4 minutes

398 calories burned; 40% fat


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