day thirty!!

06/23/2009 at 12:59 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

chart - day 30

chart - day 30!  i actually made it to day thirty!  and i didn’t miss not even one workout.  i mean, sure, i whined and complained, and procrastinated…but, at the end of every day, i was able to go to bed knowing i had exercised that day.  wow!!  i’m so excited.

i measured myself, and i have lost a total of 5.5 inches all over my body.  i’m going to try to make a status page to keep track of my measurements and weigh-ins.  my weight is the same.  i dont really understand how that works.  i dont know if the weight is just rearranging itself around my body.  or if the tiny bit of muscle i may have built is as heavy as the fat.  i really dont know.  but, i hope that eventually, it will all even out.  tone and slim is my ultimate goal.

i also took pictures.  i can’t really see much of a difference in the pictures, but i have them for comparison purposes.  i dont know if i’m going to post them or not.  i mean, i’m in my undies and that’s kinda embarrassing.  maybe i’ll block my head out or something.  i’ll give it some thought.

thirty days really did go by very quickly.  this wasn’t anything that was THAT difficult.  i can’t believe how the mind plays tricks on people.  a month ago, i would have thought this program would be like an eternity, but in reality it hasn’t been that bad.  hopefully, i’ll be saying that on day 60 as well!

here’s today’s stats.

6/23/09 – 12:00pm

sweat 1/2 – 36 minutes

abs 100 – 4 minutes

397 calories burned; 35% fat


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