day thirtythree

06/26/2009 at 5:50 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

the days keep ticking by.  and each day i’m feeling better about the workouts.  there are still sections of each routine that i cant do, but in general, i have to admit that i’m donig much better at the overall exercise.  i’m debating if i should switch over to the next series and suffer through the first few weeks of that.  or if maybe i should stick to this one until i can complete all the moves.  i dont know.  the areas i’m struggling most with are: pushups, chair dips, jumping jacks, and running lunges (i’m not coordinated to do this, so i’m been just running instead).  i dont know.  maybe at the start of the next week i’ll give it a shot.

bridesmaid dresses are scheduled to be tried on in 30 days.  i was hoping my future sister-in-law would hold off until the fall before having the bridesmaids try on dresses, especially since the wedding isn’t until next march, but no such luck.  maybe i’ll go and try them on, and have her make sure she likes it, but hold off on ordering it until closer to the day to see if i can manage getting a smaller size.  sigh…i wish this process would work faster.  but, i know that i’m making slow and steady improvements.

i experimented some more with the fat % versus calories stats on my HRM today.  i went slower on the moves during the sculpt and tried to even out my pace.  i have to admit this was much better.  it felt smoother and like i wasn’t having to stop to breathe as much.  i definitely liked it better.

6/26/09 – 5:00pm

sculpt 1/2 – 28 minutes

225 calories burned; 50% fat


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