day thirtysix

06/29/2009 at 8:13 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

starting the next series was the best thing i could have done.  they are both serious ass-kickers (at least for someone as out of shape as i am), but i would have continued to workout without really challenging myself.  and that’s really the whole point of the program.  once you get used to something, you have to change it up to see results.  so, that’s where i am.  i started the sculpt 3/4 today.  that extra circuit at the end really changed the game.  i was already sweating and feeling it, and then BAM here’s some more for you.  immediately afterward, i felt like i was going to die.  but, now several hours later, i feel great!  these little accomplishments are well-worth it.

i also started working my way to running today.  its a big day for me.  i almost didn’t do it since i was wiped from the sculpt video, but i got my booty up (after gathering my breath) and did it.  it was a slow walk, but i managed to do the full two minute jog in one section.  i was considering earlier changing the schedule, but after doing the sculpt i’m confident slow is better.  i was completely drenched in sweat and ready for a rest after, but again, felt energized and amazing.

did i mention that i love stats and charts and geeky stuff?  well, i’m going to be using the daily mile to track my running progress.  it gives me all sorts of weekly/monthly charts and stuff that i’ll post, but for the everyday i’m going to sync it with twitter and it’ll post directly to the blog (over on the right  –>).  just another way to keep myself accountable.  it has the link after each post, if anyone wants to see my progress during the week.

is it weird that i’m already thinking of what program to use after i’m done with power 90?  i have eight weeks to go.  and while that might seem like a lot, its really not.  especially, when you factor in shipping time.  i think its a good sign; that i’m committing to working out and reaching my goals even after this program is finished.  i’m debating whether to get the turbo jam or the next step-up in the power90 series (both by beach body), but i’m not sure.  right now i’m leaning more towards trying turbo jam simply because of the variety, giving tony a breather and doing chalene for 90 days then maybe switching back with him.  i’ve done some reading and am thinking of doing (power90, turbo jam, p90 master, chalene extreme, p90x) each for 90 days.  does that sound insane?  i guess i’ll have to keep reading and figuring out which will help me reach my goals.   any advice or personal perspectives are welcome!

6/29/09 – 2:00pm

sculpt 3/4 – 38 minutes

432 calories burned; 35% fat

6/29/09 – 3:00pm

walk/run – 28/2 minutes (30 minutes total)

317 calories burned; 40% fat


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