day fourtyone

07/04/2009 at 11:54 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

i’ve been dreading this post.  i haven’t written it because, i’m ashamed.  i made a promise to myself.  i made a commitment.  and, i couldn’t even keep that.  i’m so disappointed in me.  in case you hadn’t guessed it, i didn’t workout today.  i really dont have an excuse.  it was a holiday, i was relaxing and having fun.  i went to a barbeque, baseball game, and saw fireworks.  it was a fun day.  but, in all honesty, i could have worked out.  i had the whole morning to do it.  it was an hour out of my day, but i didn’t do it.  i feel horrible about that.  all i can do is jump back on the horse and keep going.  beating myself up is not going to make it better.  and, if the past is any indication, it’s just going to make me quit all together.

so, enough, monday is the start of a new week and the continuation of my workouts.  here we go…


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