day fourtyfour

07/07/2009 at 11:12 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

i thought exercise was supposed to give you more energy.  well, i dont know what’s wrong with my body, but if anything i’m more tired than ever this week.  i’m dragging my feet for everything, have no motivation, and just want to sleep in everyday.  that’s not good.  i’ve got stuff i need to do!  i’m a grad student, there’s always something to do.  not to mention that pesky dissertation floating overhead.  hopefully, this will pass, and i’ll wake up one day with lots and lots of energy.  like those people that jog up stairs for no apparent reason.  i wasn’t going to get a workout in today.  it was getting late, i was tired, and i still had a ton of paperwork to do.  but, i decided to put myself ahead and workout.  i guess i’ll worry about the paperwork tomorrow morning.

7/7/09 – 10:0pm

sweat 3/4 – 42 minutes

abs 200 – 6 minutes

438 calories burned; 45% fat


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