day fourtyfive

07/08/2009 at 10:44 pm (Uncategorized)

it’s day 45!  that means that i’m at the official half-way point of this program!  wow.  the first thirty days seemed to go by quickly, but the last 15 seem to have taken forever to get here.  so, here’s hoping the next 45 are great!  i think my body is starting to react to the workouts…and not in a good way.  my left knee is killing me.  my left ankle is also really tight and bothering me.  all of my joints are popping (cracking)…unintentionally.  it was like a symphany during the stretch portion.  my neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, knees and ankles were all cracking.  i’m pretty sure that’s all fine, but its the knee pain that has me worried.  so, i decided to take it easy today.  i skipped the walk/run i had planned and went easy on the lunges and squats.  anything that felt funny, i stopped doing.  i think maybe i’m doing too much too soon.  i dont want to seriously hurt myself (even though, i’m pretty sure my knee is shot from a previous injury) so i’m tweaking my workout schedule a bit.  i’m taking out the wednesday cardio and altering some of the run/walk minutes.

it’s weird to think about how much extra work my body does when i do lunges and squats.  after today’s workout, i wasn’t even breaking a sweat.  and, my fat % was 55.  it’s never been that high.  i also burned about 150 less calories.  i guess i’m doing a lot more work than i think just getting my body to go up and down a bit.

7/8/09 – 9:30pm

sculpt 3/4 – 38 minutes

216 calories burned; 55% fat


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