About Me

Who am I?  What am I doing?  What is this place, anyway?  Here’s a little bit about me and this blog.


Hi!  I’m Cathy.  I’m a 27-year-old graduate student living in South Florida.  I have been struggling with weight issue my entire life and have made a commitment to change.  This isn’t my first attempt, but hopefully it’ll be my last.


This is my blog to track my exercise and weight-loss efforts.  This is my millionth attempt to lose weight and become healthier.  I needed a way to keep my motivation up and keep myself accountable.  I like checklists and calendars and all sorts of stats, so this is a great way for me to use all my geekiness.  I post daily and provide updates on my progress and thoughts regarding my day.  I also update my weight-tracker, measurements, and workout schedule regularly.


I’m using a couple of different approaches to go about losing weight and getting fit.  I am using Weight Watchers Online to control my diet and try to eat a bit more sensibly.  I use their online tracker, so I probably wont be posting that on here.  I’m using the Power90 workout program to kick-start my fitness journey.  It’s basically 90 days of alternating cardio and weight training, working out six days a week.  I’m also starting to get into running using a modified version of the Couch to 5K program.

Height: 5’3″
Highest Weight: 258.8
Goal Weight: 135
Fitness Goal: be an athlete (a runner, cycler, swimmer, rock climber, scuba diver, adventure-seeker)


Yep, you play a part in my journey.  Mostly, I know that I’m just posting for my own benefit and talking to myself.  But, in the even that there is someone reading this, comments and motivation are welcome.  Advice, tips, tricks, and things that you’d like to share are definitely helpful.


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