day thirtyfour

06/27/2009 at 9:25 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

i am completely out of breath, drenched in sweat, and even after the cool down my heart is still pounding.  wow…

i took the plunge and tried the next series (3/4) of the cardio/abs.  and wow, it was a killer.  i thought i’d give it a shot today since tomorrow is my rest day and i would have to time recover in the event it was as hard as i imagined.  well, its definitely as hard as i imagined.  the moves are exactly the same, but its at a much faster pace overall and there is another set of repetitions to almost all the sets.  but, surprisingly, i kept up pretty good.  i had to take a breather a couple of times, and the last set of side kicks was intense…but, i did it.  i even, keept pretty good pace with tony and the gang.  that’s probably why i’m so out of breath, and why my HRM was yelling at me to slow down.  but, i wanted to prove to myself that i could do it.  i also did all 200 (!) of the ab moves.  granted it took me a whole four minutes longer than it should have because i kept hitting the pause button, but i did it!  at the beginning of the video, tony tells everyone to pick up the pace because the lungs and heart are stronger, and he was right.  yes, i’m out of breath, but as i type this, if there was more of the video, i could probably keep going.  and that’s an amazing feeling.

6/27/09 – 8:00pm

sweat 3/4 – 42 minutes

abs 200 – 6 minutes

577 calories burned; 35% fat


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